“Behind The Mask” takes you deep behind the scenes into the world of Hollywood’s top make up artists to show you all the creativity and work that goes into transforming a person from normal human being to character, creature, victim or nightmare. Each week, our host takes you into the world of some of the best in the business. He’ll share time and space with Oscar winners, Emmy winners and some of Hollywood’s best up and comers. From Monsterpalooza to top studios sets, and will show you things that most people will never get to see. The best part…each week, those experts will put our host in the make up chair and transform him into zombies, aliens, monsters or just a really really old dude. You never know what he’ll be.

We step inside the world of “Boneyard Effects” with long time veteran make up artist Larry Bones. Find out what goes into making the nightmares a reality. Larry takes us through every phase of the inner workings of creating a monster. What will he turn Brandon into? You’ll have to tune in to find out!